The healing power of water

Sebastian Kneipp really knew how to use it: the healing power of water. This natural element fits perfectly as part of a holistic health concept devised by a pioneer of natural medicine. Feel it for yourself, and you’ll find out why.

Lasting pains, weak circulation, circulatory disorders, illnesses involving a raised temperature, sleep disorders, problems with digestion or the respiratory system – water literally washes them all straigt out. At the same time, the body is stimulated by the hydrotherapy, the immune system strenghened, and the muscles relaxed pleasently. The reason: the variety of stimuli brought about by water, primarily stimulation by coldness.

In combination with prior warmth phases – such as in a sequence of alternating hot und cold baths – this effect is even more intense. But also the pressure of a water spray and the hydrostatic pressure of various baths with herb extracts never fail to show their beneficial effect.

From a range of more than one hundred different affusions, ablutions, compresses, baths and wraps, get your personal “water schedule” drawn up for you at the SEBASTIANEUM.

And the best thing is: you can continue doing your Kneipp exercises easily at home.




In 1891 Pastor Sebastian Kneipp founded the SEBASTIANEUM as the first Kneipp spa. For over 125 years, we pamper our guests body, mind and soul.