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Massage is one of the oldest, most natural and intuitive cure methods we know about. With the help of the competent and sensible hands of our therapists this cure method releases a ripple of relaxation which flows through the whole body. This treatment lifts blockades, increases blood circulation, and relieves pain and stress. In order to experience a long- lasting effect, you can , supported by our therapists, create your individual treatment plan.

A competent and friendly team under the direction of Joachim Bohmhammel is looking forward to treat and coddle you.

Therapist applying pressure with thumbs on back.
physiotherapy30 Min.35,50
physiotherapy (Bobath or PNF) 30 Min.36,90
physiotherapy at physiotherapeutic machines 30 Min.39,00
sling table30 Min.35,50
kinesic tapingab 8,90
aqua therapy - single20 Min.29,90
manual therapy acc. to Maitland concept30 Min..36,50
manual therapy acc. to Kalbenborn concept30 Min.36,50
mobilisation acc. Prof. Nazarow20 Min.29,00
myofascial-release-technique40 Min.55,00
classic partial massage30 Min.33,00
classic full massage60 Min.65,00
connective tissue massage30 Min.33,00
manual lymphatic drainage30 Min.35,00
elektrotherapy with ultrasound20 Min.19,90
colon-hydro-therapy60 Min.75,00