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Spine- & joint treatment – intensive

Pains and restricted mobility can heavily impair your everyday life. The success of the Kneipp’sche treatments and the broad spectrum of physiotherapeutic methods and treatments can improve joint mobility and induce pain relief.

8 Tage
7 Nächte
15 Tage
14 Nächte
Medical examination, status of the body 1 x2 x
Joint acupuncture or neural therapy (medical treatment)1 x2 x
Osteopathic treatment by the physiotherapist with focused review (40 min)1 x1 x
Single Treatments (30 min) e.g. Classic Massages, Physiotherapy, Lymph drainage, Manual Therapy2 x3 x
Electrotherapy with Ultrasound1 x1 x
Naturopathic treatments e.g. Moor wraps, warm showers, hot hay flower sacks, stimulationg blood circulation herbage baths, and loam wraps 8 x 14 x
All treatments are individually prescribed Relaxation- & Movement therapiesindividualindividual

room categorysingle room
7 nights
double room/
per person
7 nights
single room
14 nights
double room/
per person
14 nights
cat. III950,- FB
915,- HB
915,- FB
880,- HB
1.779,- FB
1.709,- HB
1.709,- FB
1.639,- HB
cat. II999,- FB
964,- HB
964,- FB
880,- HB
1.859,- FB
1.789,- HB
1.789,- FB
1.719,- HB
cat. I1.034,- FB
999,- HB
999,- FB
964,- HB
1.929,- FB
1.859,- HB
1.859,- FB
1.789,- HB
monastic (without shower)838,- FB-1.565,- FB-

Heart- & Circulation week

Prevention is in the focus of the Heart- & Circulation week. It was developed to help people with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases (e.g. Overweight, High Blood Pressure, Stress) by applying strengthening Kneipp treatments and specific therapies.

  • 1 medical examination with a check of the cardiovascular system, an ECG, and a therapy plan
  • 1 nutritionist counselling containing cooking recipes, which can be done at home
  • Daily 40g of dark chocolate
  • 10x individualized Kneipp`sche heart strengthening treatments
  • Medically prescribed movement- & relaxation therapies
  • Free use of the KneippSPA with swimming pool, whirlpool, and sauna
  • Optional: Stress-ECG or laboratory with cardiac risk factors
room categorysingle room
7 nights
double room/
per person
7 nights
cat. III874,- FB
839,- HB
839,- FB
804,- HB
cat. II929,- FB
894,- HB
894,- FB
859,- HB
cat. I964,- FB
929,- HB
929,- FB
894,- HB