Your health starts in your stomach

Modern dietetics has all the information: your health starts in your stomach. Natural foods contain vital substances towards finding a balance for our entire organism.

What is nowaday known as organic food was a usual thing in the cuisine of Bad Wörishofen already well over a hundred years ago. The fresher, more natural and well-balanced, the more popular. There is a reason for the saying: “you are what you eat”.

But if you think that eating healty food means absence of pleasure, you’d better think twice in the SEBASTIANEUM. And this does not only apply to breakfast.

Even dyed-in-the-wool gourmets are convincted by the great potential for creative cuisine à la Kneipp – well-balanced and with a lot of variety.

This is also the case for healthy intensive diets and fasting cures according to Buchinger or F. X. Mayr. And guests who do not intend to lose weight but have chosen particular forms of nutrition can get a real treat at our restaurants.

Any food incompatibilities are best discussed with our Maitre de Cuisine. It will be considered a challenge to serve you a healthy meal nevertheless.



Pure enjoyment

“”The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach”
– knows our kitchen team. Enjoy a detoxifying fasting.