Tension and Relaxation

The concept of Therapeutic Exercise is based on the well-balanced contrast between tension und relaxation. This is not about accasionally achieving a peak performance, but rather about doing some light exercise regularly. Any form of active and passive movement is supposed to be included in everyday life. For exercise is not only good for the muscles, but also and in paricular for the soul. It is a proven fact that movement makes

us happier, more resistant to stress and more self-confident. In one word: Healthier. So why not make a start in the SEBASTIANEUM? This is the place to try out new pleasureable things or to rediscover your favourite sport! But before you set off, you should talk to our experienced therapists and find out together with them how fit you are. Then, you can jointly design a programme suitable to your constitution and your aims.



Active with us

Water aerobics, Spine gymnastics, Smovey, Nordic Walking, Pilates, coordination / balance.