Medicine for you

What is health?

The “water doctor” Sebastian Kneipp thought humans themselves are in charge of their health. In order to apply the right measure of healing power from water treatments, herbage, nutrition, exercise and order for individual recovery and health sustainment, priest Kneipp cooperated with doctors and therapists from early on. With our attempt to maintain this tradition, your health is in good hands with us: The Kneipp cure is as individual and versatile as us humans. The good thing about it: It works! Come, see, and experience!

The clou is to be healthy!

How often do we say that but how less do we life according to it. Staying with us gives you the opportunity to work specifically on your health without being pressed by time. Treat yourself with a high-quality medical treatment covering detailed discussions, an examination, and an individual therapy. Our team of doctors under the direction of Dr. med. Cordula von der Ropp offers competent and empathetic consultancy and support.

Our team of doctors

Dr. med. Iris Schneider

Dr. med. Cordula von der Ropp

Dipl. – Med. Aurelija Dressler

Our surgery team

Manuela Bauer

Tanja Kandulski

Gertrud Mangold

Ulrike Fischer

Hildegard Wiblishauser

Sarah Matzke

Getrud Mangold