Medical Herbs

Herbs are small power packs für all purposes

Eyebright against conjunctivitis and hayfever, mallow against fever and eczema, succory for liver weakness and gall-stones, horsetail to flight cystitis and rheumatism. The list is long, and reads like a medical handbook of illnesses form A to Z. Already in his days, Sebastian Kneipp knew how to make use of the medicinal effects of herbs.

Whether as infusions or tinctures, as plant juices or bath additives, ointments or rubs, powders of pills –

they were an integral component of his holistic medical teachings. The effects of most of his medicinal herbs have meanwhile been confirmed by modern science, and the trend towards gentle forms of medicine is now more modern than ever. Yet medicinal herbs do not only soothe aches and pains, they also have a preventive effect, to stop you from falling ill in the first place.

To put it short: Herbs are readily available small power packs for all purposes. And the best thing is: unwantet side effects are extremely rare!




Herbs are a valuable addition to the Kneipp wrappers, arm and foot baths, sitting and full baths and body wraps.