Inner Balance

Balance your soul and create an inner order

According to Kneipp’s philosophy, a natural rhythm of life and absolute harmony of the soul lead to maximum vitality, productivity and pleasure.

We all know that good health is not simply for sale, but requires al lot of effort of us each and every day. In this, a healthy way of living is just an important as pleasant compensation for stress and tension. Reading, music, painting or breathing exercises help you let go and gather new strenght. Or just take a walk outside and enjoy nature. But also techniques such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Autogenic Training or Meditation are useful for letting go of your everyday life.

In the SEBASTIANEUM trained therapists are available to give you an expert introduction into the secrets of relaxation. Just try out a few thing. If you are open to new things and always ready to learn, you can do more for your inner balance than you think.




The bearer of the Sebastianeum is the Order of the Brothers of Charity, Bavaria. Order Province KdöR.