The 5 Kneipp Elements

The Kneipp Therapy

The Kneipp Therapy, also known by its scientific name, Traditional European Medicine (TEM), and its 5 elements Water, Nutrition, Movement, Herbs and Balance are integral components of the Sebastianeum cure offers.

The 5 central elements of the classic healing concept are interpreted according to current standards: Inner Balance, Life in Motion, the Pleasures of Healthy Cooking, Natural Effects of Herbs and the Power of Water.For optimum, long-term effect of a successful Kneipp Therapy, the procedures are selected und adapted according to individual requirements.

Accordingly, Sebastian Kneipp’s concept for complete health still is of great significance to present-day health care.

The 5 Kneipp Elements

Over the years Kneipp developed his own therapeutic method from his wealth of experience and conversations with patients.